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Listen to radio foorti 88.0 FM and other Bangla Radio Streams

Update January 2013: Some of the URLs provided in this post are not working by now, Radio Foorti was also offline for a long time. Thanks to everyone who commented about this. This year Radio Foorti is back online again, so check out the new URL below. And for your convenience, here's a playlist file for Radio Foorti that you can simply download and start streaming:
Download Radio Foorti iTunes Stream Playlist
Then enjoy Radio Foorti, and Bhoot FM!

Since actually 2007 I've been looking for a substantial way to listen to Bangla Radio on the internet. I've found websites, forums etc. but it was all too messy. I was mainly in search of a stream for the very popular and my very favourite Bangla radio station, Radio Foorti. Sad but true, in the past 3 years I did NOT come across a single functioning stream, link or website...

Well maybe I was lazy and not smart enough to figure it out :P But I mean something like that should be simple right? I've tried all possible methods. I tested between different platforms and different browsers and different sources... There is a site from Proshika where they clame to stream High and Low speed streams but that site is just a joke! Never worked at all.
Read the rest to find out how...

In 2009 I came across a few Bangla Radio websites like Radio Goongoon and Radio Today, and they had working links which opened an external window and had a flash player and in some cases the better QuickTime player as well as WMA and RealPlayer... But that was quite annoying as you have to go to the site, open the stream etc. and not to mention the occasional buffering...

Then came Radio Lemon24 and their stream was fantastic! Crisp sounds and very nice integration of the players but still there were things missing, like ease of use, equilizer setting options, volume wasn't always at sync and lots more...

I noticed the streams were coming from SHOUTcast servers and Radio Lemon24 had an iTunes file that was a shortcut to the stream! That was the key!! Simply find the right stream and add in iTunes!

As I use the Apple iTunes for all my music playback and so on, this was great to be able to have the radio links in the player...


So here's what you have to do. Below you will find links or URL to the radio stream from Radio Foorti and some other ones which I could find. Follow these steps:

1. Open iTunes (it's a FREE download at the Apple iTunes Page) and make a playlist by clicking the "+" sign at the very lower-left corner and name it as you like, I used "Bangla "Radio".

2. On the top menu of iTunes, click "Advanced" and select "Open Audio Stream" or you can use the shortcuts, Cmd+U on a Mac or Ctrl+U on a PC, and the small window (shown below) will appear where you can paste the desired URL.

Screen shot 2010-01-16 at 13.56.27.png

3. Hit OK, and that's it!! The stream will need a little time to buffer depending on your internet speed but you'll start enjoying Bangla Radio with ease...

The best part with this is that you have to do it once. Because once saved, all you need to do is open iTunes and double-click the file. If you are on a Mac, you can also use Automator to make a schedule to automatically play the stream at a given time or a timeframe! So use your imagination and get the best out of it...

Here are the LIVE Stream URLs for iTunes



Radio Foorti Dhaka, 88.0 FM:
Station URL Updated on 10.01.2013)



Radio Today Dhaka, 89.6 FM:


Radio Lemon24:



Radio Oniyom, classic Bangla music from Bangladesh:

Bangladesh Betar:

Radio Artonad:

Radio Goongoon:

Radio Apon

Radio Aamar

And if you have Apple AirTunes you can also use the functionality to stream or play music from iTunes to your stereo set or a different sound system maybe in the Kitchen or the Living Room or both at the same time! So check that out, you'll be amazed!

iTunes also allows you to set the equalizer even for radio streams so that's another huge advantage!

So leave comments and feedback on what you think and if this helps you. Maybe you also know some URLs so post them here are share with us.


Note: you can also use the Shoutcast App for the iPhone/iPod touch and search "Bangla" for these stations! Other mobile platforms also have similar Internet Radio Clients that you can also use.

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  1. computer-e chalaite parchina sohoj upai bole diben?

  2. I do everything,but I cant listen

  3. ki vai radoi frtti colana

  4. Booth Fm verry nice.
    i love booth fm

  5. amar pc te itunes kaj kortese na ( install hoi na). ki korbo?

  6. Radio Foorti and Radio Today links do not work. Can someone update this post.. or help me out. Im trying to stream from toronto and it doesn’t seem to work on itunes or vlc.

  7. it also work fine in mobile phone with LCG jukebox.

  8. brothr i need a confrmation from u does it still work

  9. Many thanks Hasan Sami Adnan. Only Radio Foorti worked for me. The other radio stations do not connect. Perhaps, it has something to do with the links. Anyway, because of you, my wife and I can listen to Bhoot FM tonight.

    Thank you once again, bro.

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